Who we are

We are an engraving workshop, located in the centre of Romania, in the beautiful city of Brasov. We produce labels and tags for customers from different industries, using only professional, top of the line equipment to satisfy all the requirements on the market.
Datirom was born from a man’s desire of experiencing , of playing with the laser equipment which he was selling at the time. He was fascinated by technology and by how many practical uses you can find.

The game became something serious, it transformed into a continuous process of creation, of identification of solutions, of promptly responding to the client’s needs. He chose to work just for the industry, because he had experience in this field, it was a challenge and it stimulated him to become creative. He hit the road with enthusiasm and the desire to touch the Everest. Today we are a team of dedicated and involved young people and our target is to have satisfied clients and successful, long-term partnerships.

To develop, we constantly invest in training our team and in professional equipment and quality materials.
We want to thank all our employees, collaborators, suppliers and clients who have contributed to shaping the Datirom Distribution company.

We promise you that we will keep on innovating, delivering quality and putting the accent on mutual developing, no matter the obstacles.

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